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There is a misconception that coding is an isolated job. To create a piece of code, coders put a lot of teamwork and collaboration into it. Moreover, it is a closed feedback loop between developers and experienced people. Without expert planning, a coder can go off track at the very beginning of the project.

Indeed offline collaboration is relatively easier than online collaboration. Online collaboration has challenges such as maintaining roles and responsibilities, overlooking product vision, being unable to make quick decisions, etc., making it less reliable.

The key features of code-collaborative tools such as remote access, screen sharing, chat or messaging, video conferencing, and many more help coders to work against all odds. Here are the top five code collaboration tools that work well with remote working programmers.


For some developers, privacy means everything. If you are one of them, Codenvy is for you. Codenvy is a workspace platform created for development and operations professionals. It allows users to edit, run, and debug code. Moreover, Codenvy offers both cloud-based and on-premise distribution.

Features like self-host and automated workspace creation make Codenvy unique from other applications. Moreover, permission management allows you to control the access panel on which programmers develop the code.

AWS Cloud9:

AWS Cloud9 is an in-browser coding tool with around 40 programming languages. It is an integrated development environment that is cloud-based. Moreover, it offers a code editor, debugger, and terminal which lets you write, run, and debug your code with a browser.

As you know, it is a cloud-based application, meaning you can work from anywhere just need a good internet connection. With its integrated development environment, multiple developers can work on the same project at once. Moreover, you can watch others typing and chatting in real-time.

Remote Collab:

Remote Collab, an open-source application, is a SublimeText plugin for remote pair programming. Moreover, it allows multiple developers to work together on the same in real-time. As remote collabo is a SublimeText, you and other coders can join the editor using the host’s IP address.

Once you have the host’s IP address, you can join the session and start working. Additionally, any change made in the document will be reflected across all the connected devices.


Drovio is an online collaboration tool specially designed for remote pairing or mobbing, collective designing, brainstorming, and intel sharing. The application allows you to share your screen with other coders while they can use individual mouse cursors for interaction.

You can share anything like web applications, API documents, Stack Overflow, etc., present on your screen with other programmers. Drovio is a quality application that has taken screen sharing to another level with sharp audio, echo cancellation, and video conferencing support.


Codepen is one of the most prevalent collaborative coding tools for code developers. It is a social development environment with around 1.8 million users worldwide. Moreover, users can customize the editor according to their needs. It is easy to develop and share work online while using Codepen.

Furthermore, features like autocomplete and Emmet increase the speed and accuracy of developing a code. These features are very helpful for coders. Moreover, you do not have to switch between other applications for image processing as Codepen supports it.


Coding is a difficult line of work as it requires precision and accuracy. Therefore, programmers need applications that can work side-by-side with them. While working from a remote location, the need for these applications has increased. There are a lot of solid tools out there for collaborating on code.

We hope we narrowed the list down for you and helped you find the right collaborative tool. Go over our other articles and tell us what you like. See you at the next one!!!

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