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The qualities of collaboration tools are very adaptable and enjoyed by the current world. These tools are simple, effective, and useful for both individuals and organizations. As your company grows, so will your marketing staff. 

While this expansion occurs, it is critical to maintain consistent channels of cooperation and communication within your marketing team. 

Otherwise, your company would be unable to function at its best. The good news is that marketing collaboration software may assist in this endeavor. In this post, we’ll go over 5 of the top collaboration tools on the market right now that you should look into.

HubSpot Marketing Hub:

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a marketing automation tool that enables you to attract your target audience, convert website visitors, and grow your inbound marketing efforts. 

Large-scale, multichannel marketing initiatives may be planned and executed with ease by marketing teams. To provide wonderful customer experiences, Marketing Hub also enables seamless cooperation with other departments such as sales. 

CRM-powered marketing is the term for this. HubSpot does this by combining marketing automation technologies with a comprehensive CRM platform. You can use HubSpot’s Marketing Hub to attract your target audience, convert visitors into customers, scale whole inbound marketing campaigns, and automate redundant operations all from a single, simple platform. is a work operating system and project management platform that allows you to define processes for any project. Marketing, as well as other departments such as IT, sales, design, web development, operations, and HR and recruitment, may leverage over 200 process templates. 

Your team can manage and collaborate on all project parts from a single spot. The 200+ templates described above are totally customizable and allow all team members to envision your project. You can also combine with your other tools and applications to access and control all aspects of your projects and campaigns without leaving the tool.


Sharelov is a marketing collaboration tool that allows businesses and agencies to manage their teams, campaigns, assets, and projects, and operate from the cloud. Sharelov makes it simple to collaborate, give comments, and approve assets, ideas, and projects, no matter what you’re working on or what your creative materials entail. 

Use the tool to form teams, boost team cooperation, and monitor team and individual development in real-time. Team members may submit feedback to each other for each creative, which streamlines the process of handling internal and external feedback and modification requests across specific projects.


Domo for Marketing connects data from your marketing team with data from sales, finance, and other departments within your organization, allowing you to boost transparency, improve cooperation, and maximize ROI across the board. 

Data visualization, predictive analytics, and alerts assist marketers in identifying and extracting the most significant insights from data. 

Set alerts for data that deviates from and/or meets your goals to measure progress correctly. Your team can then generate real-time data visualizations (without writing any code), and view and collaborate on those insights from any device.


Canva is a graphic design and publishing platform that enables your team to plan, design, produce, publish, and share a wide range of content types such as logos, social media posts, documents, graphs and charts, prints, and more. Invite team colleagues to examine and update designs by sharing links, email, or Canva folders. 

Canva also guarantees that your team has access to all of the assets they need to use brand-ready and team-approved materials. A Brand Kit tool allows your team to create and store layouts, fonts, colors, photos, logos, and more.


Marketing collaboration software enables marketing teams to easily communicate, manage projects and campaigns, prioritize activities, create timetables and editorial calendars, improve organization and productivity, and more. 

It can help your team develop in a number of areas, all of which affect your bottom line, regardless of the sector your firm is in, the size of your team, whether you’re in-office, remote, or a combination of both. 

Marketing collaboration software allows your team to seamlessly interact, manage projects, prioritize work, organize material, and more. You may begin utilizing one of these technologies to improve team productivity and collaboration. 

Many marketing collaboration solutions now include communication, file-sharing, documents, calendars, notes, and other assets, task management and time/progress monitoring, document management, and campaign management.

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