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As you all must have witnessed, the organizational work culture until recently involved employees to be physically present in their respective office premises and still coordinate with each other over individual mail inboxes, chat bots and not to forget the multiple conference room sessions. This sometimes made even simpler tasks so tedious and frustrating for the workforce. All of this to accomplish one task of bringing in coordination, synergy and getting aligned for the required project completion.

Whilst teamwork got new meaning with the onset of hybrid work culture due to pandemic restrictions in the last two years, the actual utility of collaboration tools was much appreciated by the organizations across the globe during these times. And it never stopped there with simple sharing and messaging through these digital tools, rather transformed into a more effective and coordinated work environment led by what is called the ‘Workstream Collaboration (WSC)’. As rightly described by the leading technological research and consulting firm Gartner, The WSC market comprises products that deliver a conversational workspace based on a persistent group chat”. Simply put, a dedicated team working towards a common goal or any project development can collaborate and coordinate by sharing, texting, chatting, discuss functionalities, call and everything else they need for them to be on the same page under one platform accessible to all team members. This way the employee silo structure created by individual mail, messaging and meeetings gets replaced by a more unique, creative, time saving and flexible work environment. 

Why today’s workforce needs WSC:

Technology advancements always arise either from a well established need or to fill the gaps in the prevalent working conditions. In case of WSC, it was both, the hybrid work culture creating an emergent need to bring all the teammates in different locations on one platform and the pre existing time consuming work environment lacking unified, contextual, conversational platform. 

Let us discuss a few of such factors, making WSC tools.

  • Contextual Collaboration;

Organizations are a place of numerous functions, processes, and projects carried out under one roof. Overlapping of staff for more than one task is a usual scenario in every organization. And having one common way of communicating, sharing ideas and coordinating all the efforts through emails or repetitive meetings, can easily jeopardize the focus, context or any important information needed to get the work done within timelines.

Thus to have contextual discussions and communication in real-time without compromising individual bandwidth, it is the WSC tools that you need to consider without any more time lapse.

  • Limitations of Instant Messaging;

Instant messaging tools no wonder are a great way to be in touch with one and many in the same office, building or different countries. Albeit  ensures real-time point-to-point communication, relying all of the collaboration on such tools is too much to ask. It can easily distract a person demanding most of his attention and leaving him with not much focus and peace of mind.

The good news is that the world class WSC tools are here to rescue you. Right from saving you from nasty surprises to boosting you with confidence of everything under your control and reach, can actually make you work smarter and more outcome oriented.

  • Age old point to point email working;

Emails marked the start of a cohesive work environment, where people enjoyed being at their own pace and still working together. But as times advanced, and most of the workload, approvals, and assignments were made to move through this mode of communication, something pertaining to the final job was contained and unavailable to many.

With the present day WSC environment, you can easily have an inbuilt network of emails for all your teammates onboard and still nothing being locked in personal inboxes.

  • Unified work platform;

Absence of one unified work platform for your teammates to have all their planning, coordinating, executing, tracking done with utmost transparency and efficiency, certainly calls for a shared digital space that can overcome both physical and technical distributed nature of your workforce.

Your WSC tools majorly work from a cloud based technology, thus providing your business a dedicated yet flexible digital space for all your work.

  • Time management;

Time is the only valuable resource available to any human. Where creating time is more of a metaphor, managing it within your team is the actual reality which will decide very much everything about your projects, company and the success attached to it. And still most of it majorly goes in vain by getting engaged in repetitive or process intensive work methods.

By adopting the new age WSC tools, you choose to assign more time to more productive and high-value jobs at hand, while making all the repetitive and clerical work put to automation. 

  • Information loss;

Another concerning issue is that of “data present everywhere”. With loads of apps supporting you and your teammates in your business, the amount of information and the related search and accessing of the same to accomplish desired results is bound to get slipped away. 

A right choice of a WSC tool can do all the much required integration for your business, allowing you to organize all the data and information, emails, keynotes, customer entries into one dedicated space, making the searches possible anytime anywhere hasslefree.  

  • Efficiency;

To bring about efficiency in your work and processes, you need to always be on a lookout for smarter ways to do a job. Involved in repetitive tasks, low productivity activities, low-value engagements are some of the examples where all the efficiency is being drained. 

Having versatile tools to automate your working by incorporating WSC in your work environment will undoubtedly make all the difference, as only technology-led improvements prove to be the most impactful ones.


So after understanding how the businesses were run and what they were lacking without incorporating the digital WSC tools, we hope you will now be better off adopting such tools at the earliest and bring about the much needed transformations driving your business to greater heights.

Do share your views in the comment section and we will be back soon with more on the latest Workstream Collaboration tools and market.

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