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With its debut in late 2020, PS5 became an instant success among gamers. With its new graphic processing, PS5 can run games at a high speed. Many games have been released since its debut, ranging from PS5 exclusives to AAA cross-platform. 

We already know that the PS5 is one of the most advanced consoles available. Sony, the parent company of the PS5 , claims that this gaming beast is capable of 4K and even 8K gaming. So, the final question is, which 4k games can you enjoy on your PS5?

From God of War to Assassin’s Creed, there is a huge collection of 4k games available on PS5. In this article, we have filtered out the eight best 4k games you can enjoy at 60FPS. But before getting started, let’s first understand that 4k gaming is the best.

Why are 4K Games Better than Others?

With 4K games, a user gets to experience the visual stunningness of gameplay. Moreover, the 4K monitors support high resolution, because they have four times the pixel count compared to the 1080p monitors. It means you will get to experience more sharp colors and picture quality. 

Good visuals can help you spot your opponent easily and can help you in winning an intense game. Everything happens in an instant when you are in-game, so sharp visuals can help you spot your enemy, and the high-definition visuals provide you with the best experience, making your gameplay more memorable. 

Top 8 4K Games You Can Play on Your PS5:

Due to the popularity of the PS5, various game developers are developing games with the state of the art visuals. If you are one of those lucky people who have a PS5 and are looking for games with stunning visuals and gameplay, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most impressive games that are available right now.

Far Cry 6:

Released in October 2021, Far Cry 6 still holds its spot as one of the best games of 2022. Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 is an open-world shooter game that delivers smooth 60 FPS at 4K resolution on both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The game is set on a fictional Caribbean island ‘Yara’, the whole island is controlled by a merciless dictator portrayed by the famous American actor Giancarlo Esposito. Just like the other previous installments, Far Cry 6 offers a large map that players can use to find new extraordinary ways of playing.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy:

Like Far Cry 6, Crysis Remastered Trilogy is also released in October 2021. The game has all three Crysis games remastered with 4K resolution. The game has become a running meme over the years for analyzing the power of a PC.

A simple rescue mission turned into a full-fledged alien invasion, and now it is your turn as a super-soldier Nomad to save the world. It is an enjoyable game with great visuals of 4K resolution, occasionally dropping to 1080p. But if you love shooter games, this is going for it.

God of War:

Originally released for PS4 at the beginning of 2021, the game became an instant choice for the players. However, after the release of PS5, Sony released a patch for God of War to provide a stunning visual experience of 4K and 60FPS.

The vicious and intimate combat action of the main hero Kratos’ has been replaced with a reflective narrative not driven by anger but by other emotions. God of War is one of the best-looking games, and with its sequel in development, you should enjoy this game.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut:

GoT was initially released for PS4 in August 2021 but can hit 60FPS on PS5 when run on PS5. However, it is impossible to reach a high resolution of 4K with the previous version. But the GoT: Director’s Cut is specifically made for PS5 and provides a resolution boost making it more par on the visuals side.

The game comes with two modes: Resolution and Performance mode. Both modes offer outstanding visuals, however, the resolution mode maintains a steady pace of 60FPS. The choice is wholly yours whether to play the game on resolution or performance mode.

Chivalry 2:

If you are a fan of multiplayer games, this truly is made for you. Released in June 2021, Chivalry 2 keeps its 60FPS performance while maintaining the 4K resolution. In Chivalry 2, the players are dropped in huge medieval battles where they get to show their skills.

The game is in the hack and slash genre, and if you love this genre of game, you should try it. The game is completely unpredictable as it is a multiplayer game. Making instant decisions and saving your comrades requires strategies. 

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition:

Another game from the hack and slash genre that is worth mentioning is Devil May Cry 5. Initially, the game was released in March 2019 for platforms PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, the Special Edition was exclusively released for the next-gen PlayStation.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is highly recommended, as it runs at 4K and easily reaches the mark of 60FPS. Surprisingly, the game has various performance modes, including the ability to reach 120FPS at 1080p. Devil May Cry 5 itself is a complete game with great visuals, but the Special Edition offers the best.

Resident Evil Village:

Over the years, the Resident Evil installments are appreciated by many gaming geeks all around the world. The beauty of the eighth installment of Resident Evil is enjoyed at best when played on the PS5. New characters such as Lady Dimitrescu are the main reason to give this game a chance.

You will surely enjoy the visuals of the game as it supports 4K resolution, 60FPS, and raytracing. Now, get your gears ready and go hunting for vampires. Good luck!!!

Gran Turismo 7:

Gran Turismo is the newest addition to this list. Released recently in March 2022, the game became popular in a short time. The Gran Turismo series is known for its outstanding visuals. When played on PS4, the game did not perform well and was only able to achieve just 30FPS.

But Gran Turismo 7 is a beast when played on PS5 as the game gets a boost of 4K resolution and a smooth 60FPS. If you are interested in racing games, check out Gran Turismo 7, it will not disappoint you.


Now, you know which games are worth playing on your PS5. PS5 is the newest addition to the gaming world, and it takes time to understand the potential of the new tech. Once the studios grow familiar with it, more new and exciting games will be released.

We hope that our recommendations will help you in your gaming. PS5 is a new-gen Sony gaming accessory that offers a great gaming experience. Try to take more advantage of this advanced gaming beast by playing some games from our recommendations, and finally, happy gaming!!!

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