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Apex Legends is one of our favorite console and PC shooter and arena games. It’s a fantastic free-to-play game that breathed new life into the battle royale genre and is becoming a legend as new seasons are released.

However, there is a new feature: it is now available on mobile! Now we can play this fantastic game on our mobile. You can now play it with your friends and can apply different measures to win this game.

As it’s a newly launched game, most gamers may struggle to understand it in the first go. If you’re one of those, some strategies will let you down even its first gameplay. We have gathered seven things that a beginner should know about the Apex Legends Mobile to help you out.

In this article, we have defined different strategies through which you can ace your game. But before we jump the tips and tricks, you must know what exactly the Apex Legends Game is.

So, let’s get started!

What is Apex Legends Game?

Apex Legends Mobile is a tactical battle royale shooter game with legendary character-based gameplay, best-in-class squad fights, and fast-paced action that has secured the game’s position as one of the greatest shooters available.

Surprisingly, Apex Legends was an epic PC game known for its multiple avatars and high-end graphics. Every gamer is appreciating EA Sports as they brought this amazing game to the mobile platform. 

The game may be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store by anybody with a competent Android smartphone and a compatible iPad or iOS device. Apex Legends Mobile is accessible for free download, while in-game purchases are there. This epic game can now be played without any purchases.

Top 7 Things to Get Started with Apex Legends Mobile:

Don’t worry if you’re new to the world of Apex Legend; we’re here to assist. We’ve put together a tutorial that shows gamers how to survive this incredible game and win their first battle royale encounter.

 It’s a side-by-side introduction that explains the game’s legends and the features that will be accessible when it launches.

Choose a legend:

There are different legends in this game that make the game interesting. You can use different characters from the game to play this battle royale. There is the larger-than-life character GIBRALTAR, whose presence may be felt on the battlefield at all times.

Mirage is the master of deceit. Bloodhound is also one of the impeccable characters who tracks down and kills its target.


Teamwork is quite vital in this game. Every character has unique assets, but without the assistance of their team members, they are little more than solitary players battling for life in an impossible situation. So keep in mind that if we want to win the game’s first royale combat, we’ll need to work together.


Ensure active communication throughout the game – Because this is a team battle royale game, active communication is essential. We will not be able to win the war if communication between team members is poor.

As the game is ready to begin, keep your headsets near to your ears. You can instantly exchange information with their teams, thanks to context-sensitive smart coms. Locate one of the jump towers if you find yourself in an area that has already been picked clean. It can redeploy you to safer areas.

Understand the Arena:

Placed out in the boonies, our first venue is kings canyon. The diverse terrain presents legend with a variety of tactical obstacles. In skull town and thunder dome, the leviathan skeleton offers a wonderful backdrop.

If you want to swiftly gear up, go to one of the specified zones, but be aware that you may almost get there and end up in combat.

Hunt different types of loot:

You can try to acquire one of the wandering supply ships if you want some exceptional high-tier goodies. You can grab some high-tier goodies if you have a chance to land on these massive hovering ships.

Help your teammates:

Assisting your teammates is one of the most important values to follow in this battle royale game. It is a team game, and if you want to win this epic battle royale, you must keep yourself and your allies alive until the conclusion.

 If a squadmate goes down, quickly revive them and get back into the fight; it is your responsibility to revive your colleagues because you are all on the same team. Make a concerted effort to win this game. Run to a downed teammate and revive them as soon as possible.

If your friends die, don’t worry; if you collect their banner card, there is a respawn beacon that will allow you to bring them back to the battlefield, but be aware that they will be without weapons when they arrive.

Keep switching to the better stuff:

There are several weapons at your disposal to combat your fights. From nimble SMGs to heavy-hitting shotguns to machine guns and energy weapons, there is a diverse array of weapons and equipment.

Continue to upgrade your gear since it might mean the difference between triumph and death. Also, we usually attempt to acquire larger bags since we don’t like running out of ammo in the middle of a fight.

Lastly, always be mindful of the encroaching rings, as they can destroy your battle plans in a second.


It is an ambitious and outstanding game of combat that gives you the thrill to enjoy the genre of battle royale on the screen of your phone also.

It can turn into a big rush of adrenaline for the battle royale fans who are looking for a version of the battle royale game to play on mobile. You can download this game and enjoy it freely without having a pc.

So be ready as it will be one of the most energetic and good quality arena games which have now been available to play on your phone.


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