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It is true that in today’s day and age, you feel stressed very often. You never know when your negative emotions and fatigue turn into anger and frustration. Moreover, it is hard to get rid of these emotions.

A stressful life can result in many health issues and cause distraction. A study reveals that around 80% of the world’s population feel stressed while working and managing their day-to-day life.

No wonder so many people turn to playing games as a stress relief. There are many ways to relieve your stress. You can try book reading if you are interested, watch some anime or movies, play or walk outside, and can do yoga or exercise. However, in this article, we tell you the games that you can play to relieve stress.


Tetris is an old game (can say vintage) and a good stress reliever. The game is available on various platforms and is very easy to play. No matter what your age is, you will easily get familiar with it. You receive different shapes of blocks and have to arrange them in a manner that they fill the space.

Tetris is a light entertainment game, and you can play it for hours and will not feel bored. There is ongoing clinical research on Tetris that aims to show how the game treats symptoms of PTSD. You should give it a try if you have never tried it before.

Candy Crush:

Candy Crush is a match 3 puzzle game that is very sweet and simple, as stated by the name. It has many levels (can say unending), meaning you can play as much as you want. Many people like it, as you can see from the reviews.

The game is very colourful, as it is full of rainbows, unicorns, and candies. Moreover, the sound effects are also delightful. Some levels are hard, and so for that, you have to use some of your mind power. The game is free, but there are some items that you can buy of your own accord.

Powerwash Simulator:

Are you a lover of videos that show a person pressure washing a driveway, siding, or a dirty carpet, you know it is pretty satisfying. Powerwash Stimulator creates the same sensation that you feel while watching those videos.

The game is available on steam and Apple App Store. The game is definitely worth your time, as you can play it with your friends. You get to clean a whole neighbourhood with a very relaxing power wash.

Bubble Wrap:

There is not a person on earth who does not love to pop bubble wrap. Bubble wrap, now available virtually, will surely put a smile on your face. The game is easy to play. Press the bubble with your fingers, and (boom) it will explode. It will help you in relieving your destructive emotions. While waiting in line at the groceries or during a long journey, you can play this game to kill time.

The game has different challenges to offer in one option, you can pop bubbles as long as you want or play a mini-game. Mini-game challenges you with different conditions such as pop the maximum number of bubbles within a minute, pop 500, and pop 2000.


Wordscapes is a good exercise game for your brain and provides great relief. The developers of this game claim that your mind gets sharper by playing this game for only 10 mins a day. The game challenges you with anagrams, crosswords, and word searches.

While playing this game, you also get to cherish the beautiful backgrounds in the back that will surely help you relax. The game has good reviews, and many players say they felt relaxed after playing. You have unlimited chances in this game. Surely, you do not have to feel stressed about losing as you can try again and again.


These are some of the games that can help you in relieving your stress for a certain period. However, you should also try other ways to alleviate stress. Try to find some real solutions to relieving stress by consulting a doctor, as mental health is something we cannot neglect.

Try out new hobbies and always keep your emotions in check. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, try to calm yourself down by taking a break. Tell us how you relieve your stress and the games that you play. Take care, and peace out!

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