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It’s an exciting moment to be a gamer. With so many new games being released each month, now is an excellent time to get a new video game system if you need an update or some new gear. Should you get a new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console? Perhaps you prefer mobile gaming and want to get the new Nintendo Switch OLED. 

I’ve spent a significant amount of time with all of these systems and can confidently state that whichever one you choose is a good one. However, with so many to choose from, I have listed the top 8 gaming consoles that you will love to have as a gamer.

Why a Gaming Console is Better than Gaming PC?

Consoles offer benefits over PCs. They are simple to use, do not require updates, allow for simple multiplayer with console-owning pals, are often less expensive, and employ wireless controllers for a more active experience. 

Many gamers choose to play on a console since they are easy to set up and maintain. Console gaming may begin minutes after you take the device from the box. There are no construction timeframes or technical abilities required to begin having fun. 

Although the relative pricing of consoles and PCs is arguable, consoles usually cost less than gaming PCs. Furthermore, newer consoles can stream movies, TV episodes, and music, which adds another advantage to having a console. 

Another perk of console gaming is that you may keep playing your games without worrying about your hardware becoming obsolete. Unlike playing on a PC, which may require updates as PC games evolve, consoles are pre-built with the appropriate system requirements.

8 Gaming Consoles Available in 2022:

Playstation 5:

The PS5 is Sony’s latest PlayStation console, and it’s every bit as good as you’d expect. With the PS5, Sony has reimagined essential aspects of the PlayStation experience, from a simplified setup and new well-thought-out user interface to the innovative DualSense controller and additional perks for PS Plus users.

When it comes to first-party games, the PS5 outperforms its next-gen equivalent, the Xbox Series X, while the PS5 catalog also includes a slew of good third-party titles. There are also other more PS5 titles in the works to keep us enthusiastic about the future.

Microsoft Xbox Series X:

The Xbox Series X is a technological powerhouse. The system has 12 TFLOPS of power and up to eight times the graphics performance of the Xbox One, not to mention double the power of the Xbox One X. 

The Xbox Series X also includes 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and offers variable frame rate, variable Rate Shading technology, and a low-latency mode for faster game reactions.

The power of this next-gen system is guaranteed to wow players, that is until actual next-gen titles are available for it. There are plenty of games for Xbox Series X players to enjoy. The Xbox Series X, like the Xbox One, will support every prior generation of Xbox games.

Nintendo Switch OLED:

The Nintendo Switch OLED is a mid-generation update with a larger, sharper screen and a slew of bells and whistles to justify the $350 price tag. It’s amazing how much better the new OLED screen appears compared to the old model’s LCD display. The new OLED model’s bigger 7.0-inch screen is also a significant upgrade.

The Switch OLED is a fantastic pick because it retains all of the previous model’s peripherals, including as Joy-Con controllers, docks, microSD memory cards, and, of course, games. 

This implies that consumers who are upgrading can continue to utilize their previous accessories with the new OLED model. While the Switch OLED plays all of the same games like the original Switch, the new console just looks better, at least in handheld mode.

PlayStation 4 Pro:

The PlayStation 4 Pro is still a serious gaming machine with a large library of titles, and the console’s price (as well as the cost of games, peripherals, and so on) will continue to fall. The PS4 Pro is also significantly easier to find than the PS5, while most new consoles have suffered from poor availability due to the recent chip shortage.

Because of the improved visuals and crisper pictures for 4K-enabled titles, the PS4 Pro provides an outstanding playing experience for 4K television users. Aside from a few titles specific to the PS5, you’ll have access to the majority of big titles currently available, as well as all of the most popular free-to-play titles.

Microsoft Series S:

The Xbox Series S is a next-generation system that adopts a radical new approach. It’s intended to provide the same generational jumps as the Xbox Series X, such as high frame rates, ray tracing, and super-fast load times, at a far cheaper price, but this obviously comes with a few critical tradeoffs.

It has substantially less storage than the Series X and seeks a 1440p gaming resolution that upscales to 4K when connected to an ultra HD monitor. The Xbox Series S’s games are remarkable, with better frame rates, higher resolutions (when compared to the Xbox One and Xbox One S), and quicker load times.

Oculus-Quest 2:

The Oculus Quest 2 is an upgraded and more affordable sequel to the Oculus Quest, a self-contained VR gaming system that was many people’s favorite item of 2019. 

The Quest 2’s software continues to improve. It can now receive phone alerts, couple with keyboards and connect to virtual meeting applications, do rudimentary fitness monitoring, and wirelessly broadcast to PCs.

It is still the greatest self-contained VR headset available today, as well as the cheapest for its features. The Quest 2 includes a faster, VR-optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 CPU as well as a higher-resolution display.

Sega Genesis Mini:

The Sega Genesis Mini includes 42 games, with 40 of them being Sega classics. The set contains a sleek, compact Sega Genesis system as well as two vintage controllers. The console is plug-and-play and comes with a power adapter and an HDMI cable. 

The games are basically exactly as they were, except the console includes a save-anywhere feature, which is a huge time saver.

Overall, whether you like Sega’s or Nintendo’s vintage system portfolio will primarily determine your choice. There are no bad options, as evidenced by the fact that these systems continue to generate buzz decades later.

PlayStation VR:

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is the most cost-effective option to experiment with virtual reality gaming. It should come as no surprise that the PlayStation VR headset lacks the technological capabilities of full-fledged VR headsets. The headgear has two 960xRGBx1080 RGB screens, one for each eye, and is powered by the PS4’s AMD Radeon GPU.

It also offers a 100-degree field of view, which is significantly less than what the Rift and Vive have. There are several amazing games accessible on the platform, ranging from action and shooter to platformer, puzzle, and many others. Good luck determining which games are the best to play (or which you can handle being fully immersed in).


Gaming becomes much more than simply a pastime. Pro-gamers are literally live-streaming their gaming sessions on several platforms, with a large audience watching. As a result, the need for game capture cards is increasing. These game capture cards may be used with a variety of consoles. 

You can acquire a console system capable of playing all the current games for a few hundred dollars. They are far less expensive than a similar PC, have a lot less fiddly control mechanism, and just connect to your TV. 

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a game console, now is the moment. You can consider the top 8 lists given above. The new PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S are fantastic and feature 4K resolution. 

The PlayStation 4 supports VR, and the Xbox One will most likely support it effectively by next year. There’s a fantastic back-catalog and even more fantastic games on the way.

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