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Today, we all are well versed with wearables being used in health monitoring. They are gaining more and more popularity due to their amazingly useful applications. Although users were already aware of healthcare wearables even before the pandemic, the arrival of COVID-19 escalated the adoption of such wearable tech devices. We have become more aware of our health which heightened the use of such devices in our lives. Newer developed technologies entered the market with a vision of making a healthier world, and their market went through the roof in 2020. The pandemic changed people’s outlook towards health monitoring which resulted in growth of the wearables market. Below, we have outlined the trending healthcare wearables and the companies manufacturing them.

1. Wristband fitness trackers

Wristbands are the foremost way of tracking your health. These come equipped with sensors that keep a record of your physical activity. Some of the functions of  fitness tracker wristbands are heart rate monitoring, step counting, breath monitoring, etc. Wristbands are affordable and do not cost you much money. These bands come with the feature of syncing user data with their smartphones. We have listed below some of the best selling wristbands with outstanding performance- 

  • Garmin viosmart 4 :

    This is a sleek health band that displays users’ heart rate changes, sleeping patterns, step count and much more. It is also equipped with a stress monitor and a breathing timer tool for relaxation.

  • Fitbit Charge 4 :

    Fitbit’s ultra superior tracker comes with a built-in GPS and a heart rate monitor. 

  • Amazfit Bip :

    Amazon entered into the virtual fitness industry with its health tracker that features an extended battery life (as much as 40 days), an integrated GPS, and 10 other sport modes.

2. Muscle Recovery Panel

Ever get tired of those muscle aches after every workout? Here’s some good news for you. The Lumaflex Body pro is a portable device that makes use of red light therapy and infrared light technology to help you with post workout pain. According to the studies, red light therapy and infrared light technology are two noninvasive light-based remedies used to treat muscle soreness. The device is FDA-approved which means that it’s been regarded as safe and efficient for its supposed use of ache remedy and muscle recuperation. It has a plastic panel which is attached to an elastic strap that you can wrap around your waist, legs or other body parts wherever you are feeling muscle tension. Whilst turned on, the red light penetrates your tissues one inch deep for pain relief, while the infrared light penetrates four inches for muscle healing. This is a 10 minutes process. You can additionally monitor your progress through their app. 

3. Sleep and Stress Monitors 

In contrast to other healthcare watches, this one doesn’t have a display. Rather, the NOWATCH monitors all activities such as stress and sleep, and later shows the data by syncing it with an app on your mobile phone. It helps you view key statistics when you’re free and ready for it. The infrared light sensor in this watch measures blood flow and provides information about your heart health. It also has a conductance sensor that can be discovered while your body is conducting electricity. It is one of the best ways to find out when your body is under stress. Because when conductance increases our body releases a stress hormone known as cortisol. With the help of the NOWATCH skin conductance sensor we can measure the stress level in our body. Manufacturers claim that with these statistics NOWATCH can anticipate your thoughts up to at least one hour in advance. Based on your current stress levels, it can predict the near future, i.e., if you are going to feel overwhelmed or just fine. This device vibrates to give you a warning to walk or perform breathing exercises when you’re fending off balance, it helps you manage stress. 

4. Wearable Air Purifier and Noise-Canceling Headphones

Ible Tech Airvida E1 are wearable air purifying and noise-canceling Headphones. Ible is a high tech company that develops wearable air purifying gadgets that eliminate microorganisms, smoke particles, and some viruses from the encompassing air with the discharge of negative ions. With this technology, you can experience the joy of listening to music while breathing purified air. 

5. Workout tracker 

Wondercise Studio is a fitness app that lets you connect with others through social networking. Like different health apps, Wondercise also lets you watch loads of instructor-led exercises on your television or mobile phones. Moreover, this app comes with two wrist bands that monitors your movements and compares them with the instructor’s actions. This helps you get immediate feedback. This whole new technology is perfect for you if you are gym shy or don’t have the time to go to the gym. There is another feature that lets you compare your progress with others. You can also workout in groups of maximum 4 people. 

6. Smart health watches

Watches were once used only to tell the time. But nowadays they are being employed to count steps, monitor blood oxygen level and tell heart rate also. Technology has transformed watches into portable health monitors, revolutionizing the overall healthcare industry. Here are some of the best smartwatches you may buy-

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 :

    This smartwatch has features like automatic workout monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, stress managing, etc.

  • Fitbit Versa 3 :

    This smartwatch allows users to choose from about 20 sport modes, stress monitor, motion reminders, etc.

  • Apple Watch series 6 :

    It comes with various exercising modes and sensors that can monitor an individual’s heart rate, blood oxygen level, etc. The most interesting feature of this watch is that it can take an ECG at any point of time and immediately notify the user in case something is wrong.

7. Wearable ECG monitors

World has made such huge advancements that you can monitor your ECG anywhere and anytime you want. Wearable ECGs are an example of cutting edge technology. These ECG monitors help you track your heart rate and rhythm, while also monitoring your blood pressure. Some of the trending Wearable ECG monitors are listed below- 

  • AliveCor’s Kardia Mobile 6L :

    This device is approved by the FDA and is fit for detecting atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, and tachycardia. Users just have to put their fingers and leg on the top and bottom electrodes respectively. And results will be available in a short span of 30 seconds. 

  • Wellue’s DuoEK :

    This ECG monitor can be used while holding in hand or you can also wear it on your chest. You may connect it with a smartphone if you want but it can also be used without one. It takes around 15 minutes to deliver an ECG report. It is the best device to warn about the early symptoms of arrhythmia, tachycardia, AF, bradycardia, premature atrial contractions, and heart pauses.

8. Period tracker 

Do you usually forget about your periods or stay hyper tensed while waiting for your cycle? Well, forget all your worries now. Ava has come with a solution for all you beautiful women. Ava fertility tracker is worn during night time only. This bracelet is FDA approved and allows ladies to track their menstrual cycle. It helps women to understand better about their fertility and pregnancy. It employs machine learning for providing information on the 5 most fertile days of a women’s menstrual cycle through gathered data. Besides monitoring ovulation and period cycle, it also helps in surveillance of sleeping patterns, mental stress, heart rate, etc. 

9. Wearable blood pressure monitors

Not a long ago people were amazed to see blood pressure monitors that could be easily used by patients at their homes. Healthcare and technology keeps getting better day by day. Size of these monitors was reduced drastically and now can be worn as wristbands. Blood pressure monitors come in different types. These monitors can be worn either on the wrist, arm cuff or upper arm. Omron is the first company to launch wearable blood pressure monitors in 2019. And since then it has been innovating and improving its devices. Its additional advantages include the storage of data upto 200 readings. Another such device is Withings BPM Connect. In addition to monitoring blood pressure, it also allows its users to connect with doctors at Withings’ Health Mate app, where doctors can guide them regarding their reports. 

10. Wearable biosensors

Wearable biosensor technology is still in its nascent stages. There’s still a long way ahead in terms of making them user-friendly and for their large-scale development, but they surely seem to have the power to transform the healthcare world. These are such compact devices that can be worn as bandages, clothes, gloves, etc. Such smart devices have the potential to diagnose diseases via continuous monitoring by recognizing the user’s physical activity. Here’s a list of trending wearable biosensors- 

  • Biovitals HF and Biovitals Sentinel by Biofourmis:

    This biosensor is designed for real-time monitoring of patients via the Everion wearable armband that compares a patient’s health data with the rest of the population. It assists healthcare companies in preventing severe illness by predicting them through the data available. However, you will have to consult your physician before you sign up for this platform. 

  • Philips Biosensor BX100:

    This tool measures critical symptoms, posture, and the user’s physical activity. It’s a one-time-use wearable patch that ought to be utilized in monitoring a patient’s existing medical activity. It assists in the supervision of patients moving from the ICU to the general ward. In support of its efficiency, Philips Biosensor BX100 got clearance from the FDA for use in hospitals to monitor COVID-19 patients.

  • Philips Wearable biosensor:

    This biosensor is designed for the patients that have critical health issues and need continuous monitoring. It is adhesive in nature and stays in touch with your skin to record your heart rate, body temperature, your posture, respiration rate, ECG, etc.  


Did our article help you choose your perfect wearable?

If you want to know more about such technologies, let us know by commenting below.

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