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Recently, many incidents related to theft, cyberattack, and property damage have unraveled around the country. Many small businesses have become the targets of these atrocities. If you have security concerns for your small business, you should consider installing some security equipment.

Consider installing cameras, keyless locks, and other security tools to protect your businesses from these inhumane incidents. You are probably thinking about the equipment, right? Worry not! We have got you covered. This article is dedicated to small business owners searching for security tools to secure their businesses from theft, cyberattacks, and damage.

Here are 4 Key Security that You Should Consider for the Security of Your Small Business:

Security Cameras:

The primary device that you need to protect your business is a security camera. There are a variety of cameras available in the market. Now, the question is how are you going to choose which is best for your business? Start with understanding the goal of your surveillance system. Why do you need a surveillance system?

For monitoring employee activity, tracking outdoor movements, or workspace security is the answer. Will you use cameras 24/7 or only after business hours? Do you need a night vision camera? What kind of storage system will you need? Answering these questions can help you in finding the perfect camera device for your small business.

Top Security Cameras:

  • The Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera comes with the feature of motion detection, integrated spotlights, and instant security threat notification.
  • The Swann 12-Camera Security System includes 12 cameras and 16 recording channels allowing you to record footage from up to 100 feet away.
  • The Google Nest Cam is designed for indoor use and can record 1080p with up to 20 feet of night vision.

Security Systems:

If you want a more secure option, you can install a reliable security system in your business. You can handle a small security camera setup alone without an effort. But for a sophisticated security setup, you need a third-party company’s assistance.

Security systems include multiple camera installations and other options like door alarms, motion sensors, and intrusion detectors. Almost all security system work in unity with the internet. Thus, you will need a high-speed internet connection. As you are working with a third-party company, you do not need to worry about installation.

Top Security Systems:

  • SimpliSafe is a great option if you have a small budget as it supports panic buttons, entry sensors, motion sensors, and key fobs.
  • ADT security system is capable of sending mobile alerts when some try to manipulate the security system.
  • Frontpoint can send an automated response to law enforcement in case of any damage to the security system.

Keyless Lock Systems:

Many small businesses are relying on this security equipment to secure their workplace. There are three types of keyless lock systems: mechanical, electronic, and biometric. Mechanical keyless locks are weatherproof and have great strength, a combination on the keypad is enough to unlock the door.

Electronic keyless locks need electricity or a battery to run thus, the name. These locks illuminate making them the perfect fit for areas with dim light. Biometric keypads are touchpad locks that unlock with fingerprints.

Top Keyless Lock Systems:

  • Kisi offers locks that you can access via smartphone, card, etc.
  • Brivo uses smart locks to replace old keyed locks.
  • Openpath offers hand-free keyless locks.

Lighting Systems:

A good lighting system is a must for every business. But excessive use of the lighting system can cost a fortune. Instead, you can opt for motion-activated lights. These automatic lights are efficient and will save you money.

These lights can be preset to lit during certain hours or they only lit on detecting motion. These lights can make your security system more reliable when used with security cameras.

Cost of Lighting Systems:

  • The Leonlite LED Security Light provides a 180-degree perspective motion detection from 70 feet away.
  • The Maxsa Solar Motion-Activated Dual-Head Light is a solar-powered light that is easy to install.
  • The Baxia Technology Solar Lights Outdoor provides bright lighting of 2,000 lumens.


In current times, it is an obligation to have a proper security system within or outside the organization. Moreover, conducting regular audits of these security devices can help to find potential theft. Thus, install a security system that can compensate for your organization’s weaknesses.

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