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The role of modern business security systems is undeniable in securing your home or small business. Be it motion detectors, locks, or flood monitors, these security systems help secure your physical work location from untoward incidents.

Furthermore, most of these security systems are integrable with your AI systems, such as Google Home or Alexa. This can be useful in preventing shoplifting, burglary, or armed robberies.

These security systems offer professional 24/7 monitoring at reasonable costs. This article lists the top 5 business security systems to help secure your business from such incidents.


Here are the Top 5 Business Security Systems for Your Small Business


Simplisafe leads our list as one of the cheapest and most popular security systems. It also does not require you to be tech-savvy, it is simple to install, and you can do it yourself. However, the security provided is basic and budget-friendly. The included hardware consists of monitors, cameras, and environmental detectors for fire and flood.

The hardware provided also has certain limitations, such as the need for a plug-in power source and the lack of wireless cameras. The video recording capacity is also quite limited. Simplisafe also does not provide equipment-specific monitoring. There is also no reimbursement clause should you get robbed due to system failures.


Next on the list is Vivint, which may cost you a little more, depending upon your requirements. Vivint offers separate plans for business and home securities. However, the contract length for Vivint is longer than what you would find in most of the other security systems on our list. The minimum contract length is three and a half years, up to five years.

The equipment offered by Vivint includes surveillance systems, alarms, smart control, automobile security, AI, and smart device integration. Vivint, however, does not offer any reimbursement policy due to security system failure. Also, there are no self-monitoring options or compatibility with biometric locks.


Tattletale is a costlier option as compared to the average market pricing. However, it offers security for homes or small businesses and for larger outdoor areas, such as construction sites.

You can implement Tattletale security for small businesses as well. However, you need to bring your own locks and other equipment. However, the system can monitor over 500 sensors at once.

On the downside, the hardware compatibility is minimal. The warranties on the hardware provided are also on the lower end. You cannot integrate it with other smart equipment or check your locks. There is also no reimbursement policy for any incident resulting from system failure.


Although primarily a home security system, Cove does offer specific features to secure your small business. The pricing is also relatively cheap and affordable. It can be used to secure your office or a small retail store, and this is due to the variety of sensors and cameras Cove offers. However, you cannot install the system on your own, and it needs an expert to come and do it for you.

Cove offers three-factor communication in case an alarm gets tripped. The RapidSOS feature allows you to contact emergency services quickly. It comes with a tamper-proof and self-testing touch panel. There is also a button for contacting the support team at any time.


Last but not least we have Frontpoint. It is a DIY security system that you can install yourself, offering professional monitoring at cheaper costs. All you need to do is purchase the equipment and install it. Frontpoint offers two-way voice cameras, crash and smart protection, custom security packages for your business, smart automation and AI integration, and a perimeter guard.

However, Frontpoint is entirely DIY and does not offer any professional help option for installation, unlike Simplisafe. The access hardware only includes keypads, and there is no place for biometric locks or keycards. Although it offers basic packages, you are better off calling a quote.


No security system in the world is perfect, and there are advantages and disadvantages to any and all security systems in the market today. However, we have enlisted a few of the best ones out there. You are the best judge of your specific security requirements.

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