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Metaverse is now expanding its region in the branding era also. Metaverse is the definition of newer technology that attracts many youngsters. Metaverse has been regarded as the future of social media.

Therefore various brands are thinking of integrating themselves with the whole new world of the metaverse. Metaverse is a complex experience of VR and AR. In this various users communicate, play, and exchange various transactions. Therefore various brands are putting their money into advertising themselves through the vast world of the metaverse.


Nike is one of the most popular shoe brands found in the whole world. To promote its brand, Nike has established a Nikeland which is a type of interactive world in the metaverse where the users can play various mini-games and get surrounded by sports and play eras.

This world is being hosted on Roblox which is a famous metaverse platform. In this way, Nike is excellently promoting and expanding its brand through the digital area. This whole new world of digitalization is based on various games that are based on sports. The exciting thing is that you get to choose your avatar and also dress them up in all Nike outfit collections. You can also share your clothes in the showroom which has been provided in Nikeland.


Many clothing brands are getting popular nowadays. Therefore Adidas has also decided to turn up their game a little bit. Adidas set up various auctions for the original and collaborated pieces on OpenSea. In this way, users were motivated to get a hold of one-time asset pieces.

These campaigns were promoting the creativity of fashion hence inspiring the various customers to buy these spectacular original pieces. Also to increase its scope, Adidas paired up with the famous brand Prada.


If the marketing business is getting all excited in the era of the metaverse, then coca cola will not be late in this race. Beverage company coca-cola is becoming very much popular in the metaverse world. To promote this on a higher level, coca-cola has also launched an NFT collection with the Open Sea.

Also on the occasion of International Friendship Day, the coca-cola friendship loot box dropped. The NFT collection can be used to make a good appearance for your avatar. Also, the winning bidder will surely get a real-life coca cola refrigerator that will be full of coca cola. This collection was later won off at a shopping bidding amount of over US$575,000.


Samsung is now emerging as one of the most popular brands in the making of phones with competition from Apple. But Samsung is also not behind in expanding itself in the vast world of the metaverse. In January 2022 Samsung launched its very first metaverse store in Decentraland.

Since its opening, around 120000 customers have shown their interest in this digital store. In this store, users can browse various collections and can also take different quests. Now after the update, users can carry out their adventures, can also interact with other characters, and reach various missions.


Wendy’s is a great and very much popular fast food chain and this chain is a bit different because it is always within the trend of the ongoing popular opinions. Fortnite has launched a new food fight game mode on its servers. Therefore Wendy took this opportunity to make a character who has a mission to destroy all the frozen beef.

After that Wendy’s also streamed the gameplay of this game on twitch and this gained over 250000 live views. Moreover, Wendy’s also won many influencer awards and because of this their brand awareness also experienced a hike.


Ferrari is an Italian luxury car brand that has a lot of hype. But this hype does not mean that Ferrari will not be diving into the metaverse world. Ferrari also joined forces with Fortnite. Ferrari recently released the 296GTB model and gave Fortnite the pleasure of trying it for the first time.

This model has not made a physical debut but Fortnite players can take a ride of this luxurious car in the game in a battle royale. This collaboration has a detailed and realistic-looking version of the 296GTB model which has interested many consumers. All in all, this is a great marketing strategy.


The metaverse is a vast world of technology that has attracted a major number of individuals towards it. Therefore, the interests of various brands in the world of the metaverse are no surprise. Moreover, the introduction of these brands in the digital world will help them gain more popularity than ever before.

Tech Verse


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