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The advent of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare has revolutionized the whole system. With AI-powered algorithms, tasks like reading and apprehending diagnostic reports, medical consultations, and making appointments, has become easy. Moreover, the assistance of AI reduces the burden on the medical staff overwhelmed with work. The partnership between AI and the medical staff is responsible for saving countless deaths.

AI is suitable for hospitals as it can analyze big data effortlessly and provide results within a few seconds. Artificial Intelligence is more elegant and faster than human beings. Moreover, the emergence of new AI-powered technology like digital assistance is working wonders in providing patient support. In this article, we will highlight the six best AI-powered assistants helping patients across the world. Let’s get started!!!

Best 6 AI-Powered Health Assistants

Propeller Health:

Formally known as Asthmapolis, Propeller Health was founded in 2010. Propeller Health is a smart inhaler attached with advanced sensor technology that syncs with your smartphone to monitor data. The device also comes with GPS tracking, meaning you can locate your device when you lose it.

Moreover, the Wisconsin-based startup also provides feedback and asthma-related facts to help patients. Furthermore, Propeller Health also sends warnings to its users while entering certain environments.

Arogya Setu:

Arogya Setu is an application created by the Government of India to control the spread of Coronavirus. The application locates all the infected people nearby and shows contaminated areas as well. Arogya Setu also helps people to identify safe, quarantined, and high-infected zones to contain the Coronavirus.

Moreover, it also notifies the users about new developments and the symptoms of the virus. The users can also access information related to vaccination derive and after vaccination certificates. The application is highly praised by Indian people as it provided great assistance during the pandemic.

Buoy Health:

Buoy Health is an AI-powered application that provides clinical support to its users. It is a Boston-based startup developed by a team of doctors and data scientists at Harvard Innovative Labs.

The application asks a series of questions and based on your answer, it detects the probable disease that you may have. Moreover, it guides the user further after diagnosis by navigating them through the healthcare system and connecting them to the right care at the right time.


The UK-based application use AI technology to help healthcare workers make more suitable decisions. The application is capable of comparing symptoms with the large database of the healthcare system and helps the users in identifying the diseases, they might suffer from.

Babylon aims to provide affordable healthcare to all people through the devices they already own (smartphones). The application has more than 24 million users all over the world.


Fitbit is a US-based company that produces wearable technology and activity trackers such as smart watches, pedometers, and heart rate monitors. Fitbit is an assistant that records the physical activities of an individual and shows their fitness.

Moreover, it shows users’ agility by measuring the degree of exercise and the number of calories burnt. The devices are powered by AI algorithms that provide instant and accurate data. Moreover, doctors can also use these devices to monitor their patient’s health.


AiCure is one of the prevalent healthcare assistants for those who are suffering from a serious illness. As patients with serious illnesses tend to skip medicines and practices prescribed by doctors, AiCure helps by reminding them.

The application uses artificial intelligence to track down a patient’s behavior through their phone’s camera whether they are following their doctor’s advice or not. The New York-based application provides great assistance to both patients and healthcare professionals.


As the concerns related to health are increasing, many new technologies related to healthcare have emerged. As of today, many healthcare providers have developed digital assistants for the betterment of patients. These assistants provide aid for various purposes such as diagnosis, appointment, consultation, medicine reminders, etc. Hence, these were the best healthcare assistants that are helping healthcare workers worldwide. If you liked our article, give us a like and also check out our other articles too. Peace Out!!!

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