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The metaverse is a virtual universe that may represent either real-world space or the digital world. The Metaverse is widely regarded as the most influential move into the realm of virtual reality. As a result, firms such as Microsoft and Meta are expanding their R&D investment. The fact that the Metaverse is always online is a crucial aspect. 

Even if you log out and sleep, the Metaverse and its games will remain accessible. To summarise, it is evident that you will want a steady Internet connection to access the Metaverse. It can be difficult to choose the best metaverse games to play from the many options. So, to help you make this choice easier, I have listed the top 8 metaverse games available to play in 2022.

What Makes Metaverse Gaming So Special?

Every day, the Metaverse soars to new heights. It is now mainstream technology and the next big thing that will revolutionize the face of the digital world. Metaverse complements upcoming technologies like blockchain, IoT, and 3D visualization by providing an immersive visual experience. 

Metaverse excites players by giving a virtual place for the digital duplication of our actual world. While playing games on the Metaverse platform, players may have a near-real-life experience. 

They can engage with other players, exchange in-game items, and even have a tangible sensation of touch by wearing haptic gloves and coats. Characters in Metaverse games are controlled by users’ unique avatars, which are virtual representations of their true identities. 

These characters exist in the Metaverse in the same way that individuals do in the actual world. Metaverse gaming systems are interoperable, allowing gamers to move their gaming equipment from one place to another with minimal disruption.

8 Best Games You Can Play in Metaverse:

The Sandbox:

Sandbox is one of the most visible entries among the best metaverse games accessible right now. It offers a virtual environment in which you may build, own, and profit from monetization possibilities in your game.

It aims to upend popular games such as Roblox and Minecraft. Sandbox is unique in that it provides creators with true ownership in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

Players are also rewarded in the sandbox, for contributing to the game’s ecosystem. Surprisingly, The Sandbox is one of the most popular metaverse games, accounting for around 7% of the market. Sandbox’s most noteworthy feature is the infrastructure that allows players to construct their own games in the metaverse.

Star Atlas:

If the planet we live in is a massive metaverse, space is another one. The Star Atlas project is primarily concerned with space exploration, development, and mining. Players travel across space with the assistance of their starships and crew to complete tasks and create precious objects.

Star Atlas goods may be traded in the form of NFTs, allowing players to trade on the Solana blockchain. The game is presently scheduled for release in 2022, and gamers may keep up with Star Atlas via its live roadmap. Star Atlas may be played with one of the following crypto wallets: Torus, Phantom, Ledger, Sollet, Solflare, and Mathwallet.

My Neighbor Alice:

Farming or building games are a new trend and source of joy for many people who have no farming expertise in real life. My Neighbor Alice hopes to improve the same experience using blockchain and NFTs. In My Neighbor Alice, players may design and build their virtual territories, accomplish daily challenges, collect rewards, and connect with their neighbors.

The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has its own NFT Marketplace. Players may earn the game’s native money, ALICE, and spend it to buy commodities, land, and other stuff on the marketplace. My Neighbor Alice will begin alpha testing in the second quarter of 2022 and will be released on Steam.

Axie Infinity:

Another well-known metaverse blockchain game worth mentioning is Axie Infinity. People may participate in the game to earn NFTs, which can then be traded for bigger payments. The popularity of games like Axie Infinity has skyrocketed in recent years.

The basics of Axie Infinity are based on Pokemon, with each digital collectible Axie representing a separate species with specific attributes. You may also compete with other Axies in the game to earn experience and gather items. Axie Infinity, with a market value of $9 billion, is one of the finest additions to any metaverse games list.

Horizon Worlds:

Users may connect with other players, build their own worlds and games, and participate in the creativity of others in meta’s horizon universe. It’s comparable to Roblox, but it’s more immersive owing to virtual reality glasses. 

The platform has now revealed that select users will be allowed to begin selling self-created things to visiting gamers, as well as access to limited areas of their worlds.

Horizon World is exclusively available to Oculus VR headset owners. It is accessible through Oculus’ ‘Experiences’ section. Simply go into your Oculus or Facebook account to download and install the software on your device.


Sinverse’s whole setup is based on augmented reality, featuring realistic images and voice and text communication functions. You may barge into any district and fight opposing groups, which can help you gain NFTs or lose them if you don’t come out on top. 

Sinverse is a piece of undeveloped digital real estate that anybody may buy and build using SDK kits found in the development area. 

The creators collaborated with Vulcan Verse to build the game, which makes use of cutting-edge virtual reality technology. Furthermore, the platform is built on Matic Network, a Vanilla Network partner, enabling fast and low-cost transactions. It’s a pay-to-win game in which users compete to become the ultimate kingpin while also accumulating their empires.


Netvrk is a blockchain-based metaverse with strong creation tools and infrastructure for quickly creating, sharing, experiencing, and monetizing works. With an emphasis on gaming, education, and virtual workspaces, and based on virtual land and assets owned.

It has an easy-to-use interface and a minimal barrier to entry, as well as monetization potential for users. In this VR Metaverse, you may buy virtual land and other assets and customize them using a sandbox editor.

If you possess assets, like virtual land, you may sell or rent them for money. Netvrk has a substantially lower market capitalization than other metaverses. This is owing to the fact that VR has not yet been completely developed technically, and many people regard this as a significant disadvantage. Future use cases for NetVRk’s worlds include training simulations, education, architecture, product demos, and virtual blogging.


MOBLAND, previously known as Syn City, is the first Mafia Metaverse. Here, you battle, plunder, construct and lead. Here, you join a syndicate and operate enterprises, tax your employees, and pay homage to your leaders using blockchain-backed resources. 

With enough Ambition, Power, and Swagger, you may lead a syndicate and help shape the Mafia Metaverse. Each game has a life cycle.

MOBLAND is more than a game. It’s a platform, a LAYER 3, a mafia infrastructure for the assets made and used in the mafia metaverse. This ecosystem will be constantly updated with new PLAY & EARN modules, such as first-person shooter games, strategy games, agricultural games, and even MMO games.


The Metaverse market is still relatively new, but it has gained pace in recent months. This is because a large number of traders have entered these games. Despite the fact that the games featured above are at the top of the list, others are performing really well. Mirandus, for example, is likewise attracting market participants. Based on its popularity and buzz in recent months, the sector can potentially assist traders in making big returns. 

Having a lifelike gaming experience is becoming increasingly popular. The road to Metaverse gaming appears to be a long way off, but the game industry is working hard to get there. We are excited to witness how these technologies evolve and shape our future.

Tech Verse


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