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Are you new to the field of gaming or want to upgrade your gaming setup? Wanna make your opponents cry but confused about buying a perfect gaming setup? Well you don’t have to do research now, I’ve got you covered. If you want to have a heavenly gaming experience, you gotta have these gaming accessories. Whether you’re a solo gamer or team player, these add-ons will give you a fast-paced and immersive gaming experience. Such accessories will go great with Laptop, XBox, PS5, and gaming consoles. If you’re starting a gaming desk setup from scratch, you gotta have all the accessories such as headphones, controllers, mouse pads, keyboards, microphone, webcam, etc. These accessories will also come handy if you wanna gift something useful to a gamer. 

Gaming is actually an amusing way to loosen up after a long day at work or college. You get to connect with your gaming buddies from other parts of the world. Sure, you could play games with just a mouse and keyboard but quality gaming experience comes with a perfect setup. And if you’re a regular gamer, these accessories become a must have for you. Have you ever heard of the term “Ergonomics”? It is a term used to define the workplace designed to provide maximum comfort and productivity to the users. All the accessories mentioned below are designed while keeping the ergonomics in mind. A smart option is to buy bluetooth gaming accessories, it will help clear the clutter and save you from the mess. Moreover, modern devices come with integrated sound and lighting technology which is great to show off the ambience and experience a lot more fun. We’ve done all the hard work for you by mentioning required gaming devices below. There’s an endless list of items but we have mentioned only the best and most useful multipurpose devices here.

1. A Gaming Headset

Most of the popular online games today are meant to be played with teams. Communication automatically becomes an important aspect for winning games. If you’re unable to listen to your partner, how will you be able to win? A good quality headphones will impart you an exclusive and concentrated gaming experience. Although PCs come with built-in speakers, voice that comes instantly via headphones feels different and makes your brain process fast. Games are all about Speed and Rush, and good headphones will definitely help you sail smoothly. It is an essential accessory for improving your gaming performance. The qualities to look for while buying a gaming headset include good sound, comfortable to wear for longer hours, bluetooth connectivity, and lightweight. Another thing to notice is a good noise cancellation power, it is extremely important if you live with your family. After all, you don’t want your friends to hear while your mother is scolding you from the kitchen HAHA!!!

2. Microphone

If you’re new to the field of gaming content creation, a microphone is unquestionably the foremost thing to buy. While live streaming or making youtube videos, you need premium quality microphones to stay connected with your audience. Sound and picture quality matter a lot when it comes to impressing viewers. Qualities of a good microphone include enhanced voice quality and clarity. Best gaming microphones should be able to minimize audio pickup from beyond the mic,  including both headsets and standalone types of microphones. Selecting which type of mic you want totally depends on your comfort and need.

3. An Ergonomic Chair

Gaming for longer hours can cause you serious neck and back aches if you don’t have a good ergonomic chair. Features of an excellent gaming chair include adjustable armrests, higher back design to provide full body support, movable headset pillow, a lumbar pillow, and adjustable chair height. There’s a significant difference between an office chair and a professional gaming chair. You should be able to tilt the chair back so that you can stretch out and move your body. Scooching over computer screens daily for hours can cause severe back pains, so treating yourself and your loved ones with a comfortable chair will help upgrade your health as well as your game.

4. A Set Of Stereo Speakers

Stereo Speakers dramatically improve the audio from your computer. A set of good stereo speakers must reproduce natural sound as the original sound source. It should come with powerful bass quality, must be designed sleek to save desk space and enable bluetooth connectivity. A perfect gaming speaker comes with dual inputs for connecting headphones which help gamers in live streaming. Stereo speakers add up to the ambience and provide a full fledged gaming experience. Powerful sound of speakers teleports you into the gaming world and makes gaming more real.

5. Headset Holder 

You might not consider headset holders as an essential accessory but they really play a crucial role in protecting your headphones from damage and preventing the mess on your desk. Your gaming desk looks tidy and aesthetically perfect. 

6. A 4K Monitor

In a world where you are able to play 4K games, what’s the point of playing on your old low resolution monitor? You’re not truly appreciating a game unless you play it on a high resolution 4K monitor. A good monitor should have high picture quality and multiple HDMI ports to provide connectivity to gaming consoles. 4K monitors are expected to prevent screen tearing and glitches in display while you’re immersed in gaming with your friends. The most important quality to look before buying a monitor is noticing its response time. A large response time can make you lose the game. Premium quality monitors help prevent lagging behind in game and saves you from embarrassment in front of your gaming buddies. 

7. Gaming Backlit Keyboard

You might be thinking why a different keyboard for gaming? Does a keyboard really make any difference? The answer is ‘a short response time’. Keyboard is an important part of gaming, gaming keyboards are designed to operate as soon as you give it a command. Normal keyboards are designed to focus on typing whereas gaming keyboards give you controls-friendly experience. Such keyboards come with different key spacing and key sizes so as to make a gamer-friendly environment. Backlit keyboards are an essential element of the gaming industry. Usually gamers like to play in dark rooms to feel more concentrated, so it is wise to use keyboards with backlighting. Backlights enhance visibility as well as ambience of gaming setup. 

8. Gaming controller 

You can also play with just keyboard and mouse but a game controller is literally the game changing accessory. Game controllers are handy and quick. Fast paced gamers need to show their speedy actions through gaming controllers. Best gaming controllers come with buttons and analog sticks to trace your motions smoothly. Such types of controllers can be applied to all sorts of games. Always look for bluetooth gaming controllers to play hassle-free games. 

9. A 4K Webcam

If you’re a pro gamer and looking forward to entering the game content creation world through Youtube, Facebook, or live gaming sessions, a 4K webcam becomes mandatory for you to buy. A low quality webcam wouldn’t land you anywhere and eventually the audience will not appreciate a low quality content. Graphics mean everything to a gamer and compromising on quality while making gaming videos is not wise. A premium webcam comes with good quality microphones, to give you heavenly audio and visual experience. 

10. Fast WiFi Routers

Imagine you have everything required for a professional gaming setup and you’re about to win the game but suddenly your WiFi stops working!! Will you be able to keep your calm? Obviously a big NO. You need to have a really strong internet connectivity while playing online multiplayer games. Glitch of even a second will let your opponent win. Invest in a WiFi router and a network that will provide a robust connection without any lag. 

11. Anti-glare Glasses

Facing computer screens all day can land you in great trouble if you’re not taking proper care while enjoying your game. Eyes are very sensitive and demand great care. Watching screens all day with bare eyes causes overexposure to blue light. Moreover, it can lead to stress and anxiety over time. You should always apply a blue light filter in your screens. Another way to prevent your eyes is to wear anti-glare glasses while gaming. They filter all the blue light reaching your eyes while avoiding strain on your eyes. Such glasses are highly recommended if you’re a regular gamer. 

What else do you think is an essential accessory for gamers? Let us know by commenting below.

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