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The increasing popularity of social media has completely altered marketing and advertising. Nowadays, businesses spend around 10% of their total revenue on marketing. However, B2Cs invest more in marketing in comparison to B2Bs.

The process of obtaining valuable insights from the data to help in the decision-making process is called business intelligence (BI). Moreover, business intelligence tools help enterprises to identify marketing trends, measure the effectiveness of their strategies, and find new growth prospects. This business article will highlight the business intelligence software and its top 4 tools that help organizations identify marketing trends.

Business Intelligence Software and its Top 4 Business Intelligence Tools:

What is Business Intelligence Software?

Business Intelligence Software is the collection of business analytics tools that allow companies to analyze events, trends, and market changes to gain a competitive advantage. The insights are in the form of easy-to-understand visualizations such as graphs, charts, dashboards, tables, and diagrams.

While competitive intelligence examines data from external sources, business intelligence software collects data from within the organization as an analytics tool and provides insights into various sections of the company. These insights can help the organization to make important decisions in a matter of minutes.

Top 4 Business Intelligence Tools that can Provide Profound Insights for Your Business:


Sisense is a business intelligence tool created specifically for small and medium enterprises that offer analytic solutions and market knowledge. You do not need specific hardware or IT personnel to use this web-based business Intelligence tool.

Moreover, Sisense is one-of-a-kind business intelligence software that even non-technologists can use to merge numerous data sources, dashboard configurations, create visual data representations, and share them with colleagues.


Domo is a business intelligence program developed to assist enterprises to find a possible solution in the unpredictable market. It offers mixed data sets and connection support. It has social collaboration tools that no other program has.

Domo allows its users to access real-time data from a single dashboard-like panel that is visually appealing and easy to use. This panel helps the organization’s higher-ups to come up with educated solutions on the spot based on the insights.


Tableau is one of the leading business intelligence software tools used for data analysis. Classified as a leader in analytics and business intelligence by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Tableau is an excellent data visualization tool utilized for reporting and analyzing vast amounts of data.

The users can create charts, maps, dashboards, graphs, and stories to assist in decision-making. The free version offers limited features. However, spending more money can get you access to more Tableau features.


Statistical Analysis Software is a business intelligence tool that allows its users to use qualitative techniques and processes which help to enhance employee productivity and business revenue. Moreover, it can also detect patterns and abnormalities in data, find variables and relations, and predict future outcomes.

The users of SAS can benefit from its sensible and well-informed business decisions based on business data and market variables. Furthermore, with SAS, you can also access data mining, data visualization, text analytics, predictions, and data analysis.


Business intelligence software tools enable organizations to analyze events, market trends, and changes to assist in decision-making and gain a competitive advantage against rivals. BI tools collect, manage, and diagnose huge piles of structured and unstructured data. BI programs make models that produce answers and insights through data representation models.

Currently, according to us, the four business analytics tools dominating the market are Sisense, Domo, Tableau, and SAS. Did you like our suggestions? If yes, give us a like and tell us your opinion in the comments.

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