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Thinking about purchasing a gaming gadget like a laptop that supports gaming, the first thing that comes to mind is should we go for an integrated or dedicated graphic card (GPUs). First, let’s see the difference between integrated and dedicated graphics cards to find which one is best for you.

Integrated graphics cards don’t support their own CPU or RAM, unlike dedicated graphics cards that have their own CPU and RAM. The integrated graphics card is embedded on the same chip as the system CPU and uses the system’s RAM to work, while it is not the case with dedicated graphics cards. A detailed discussion below on both can help you in making your decision a little bit easier.

What is an Integrated Graphics Card?

As you have read earlier, integrated graphics cards are built within the processor of a personal computer. This makes them more cost-friendly, and energy-efficient and the size is also less than the dedicated graphics card. 

Integrated graphics are great for general work such as web browsing, social media, 2-D gaming, and also for office work like making spreadsheets, editing documents, and running project management software.

Integrated GPUs generally have a bad reputation in the gaming world. But recent developments are helping in changing this viewpoint. Now, some integrated graphics cards support gaming and 4K video watching. Such an example is the AMD Ryzen™ processor also known as APU. It gives great results, still running on the same CPU and RAM.

What is a Dedicated Graphics card?

Dedicated graphics cards also known as discrete graphics cards are completely separate units from CPU and RAM. Thus, running games of high graphic resolution and other intensive work such as graphics designing are easily possible with dedicated cards.

As dedicated graphics cards have their own RAM, it does not take any place in the main RAM of the device. For instance, if a device has 8 GB of RAM and a dedicated card has a RAM of 6 GB, the 6 GB is entirely separate from the main memory and acts as additional RAM.

A gaming gadget supported by a dedicated graphics card can increase your experience of gaming. Running a high-end game on a device supported by a discrete graphics card can cause heating problems in the device, but this can be overcome by installing an additional fan system.

Which is better for gaming?

On comparing both integrated and dedicated graphics cards, it is easily observed that integrated GPUs have the biggest drawback. As, an integrated graphics card is placed on the same chip, which can limit the processor’s or GPUs’ potential processing power.

Currently, most of the gadgets come with inbuilt integrated graphics cards, and the performance of these cards is generally minimalized to support more CPU performance.

On the other hand, dedicated graphics cards have their own CPU, RAM, and cooling system making their performance better while gaming. This also reduces the burden on the main system, making it more efficient on the performance level.

Final verdict, if you want a first-class gaming experience then you should opt for dedicated graphics cards, as they will help in enhancing your gaming experience without any hassle-free. On the contrary, for basic computing, a user can use an integrated graphics card for their PC, as it will generate enough power to support the user.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Dedicated Graphics For Gaming:

We have discussed why a dedicated graphics card is the best for gaming, now let’s also know about some of the other advantages that this graphic card has.

Prevent Overheating of CPU:

You very well know that dedicated graphics cards have their own separate RAM and cooling system which prevent the system from being overheated. 

The separate RAM doesn’t put any workload on the main system, hence preventing it from producing heat. The separate cooling fans installed in the graphics card, cool any heat produced in the card, making its performance better.

For instance, RTX 3090 Ti has five fans to cool it down, providing high performance. Thus, making it possible for you to play high graphics games without thinking about heating problems.

Free Up RAM:

Supported by a separate RAM, the dedicated graphics card doesn’t act as a burden to the main system. When you use a dedicated graphics card, the whole game or other intensive processes completely runs on the RAM of the graphics card, making the system’s RAM free. The RAM of discrete graphics cards acts as additional memory for the gadget.

3D Applications:

The dedicated graphics card is a great support to the users who are graphic designers. Any high-end graphics and 3D application can be used without any problem with this type of graphics card. A graphics card can help you to speed up your work as well as maintain the accuracy and quality of the work.

A user can use any type of high-end graphics tool or software on their device with the help of a discrete graphics card. For example, software like Adobe Photoshop, Mega Creator, Canva, Xara Designer Pro X, and many more are completely supported by dedicated graphics cards.

High-Quality Graphics:

If you are a movie geek, then the dedicated graphics card is definitely for you. Nowadays, with everything being much more advanced, the movie and anime industry has grown with over-the-top action scenes. These action scenes or animation can lose their authenticity with a normal graphics card.

These cards also support 4K quality videos, VR, and Blu-Ray which is very much a quality experience for the movie viewers. Thus, with these graphics cards, you can enjoy the originality of the movie.

Customer Support:

As the customer’s demands keep changing, a new type of graphics card is made to fulfill the needs of the customers. Nowadays, a graphics card has more drivers to support various operating systems, games, and applications. New versions of GPUs are made by the manufacturers to meet the needs of new world technology.


Now, we know two types of GPUs are used for different purposes and requirements. The integrated graphics card is better used for basic computing, whereas the dedicated graphics card is used for high-end graphics games, 4K video watching, and graphic designing. 

Hence, making dedicated graphics cards is best for gamers who stream or want to have a quality experience. The advantages of the discrete graphic card completely show why and how they are the best support for gamers and their devices.

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