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Online collaboration tools and software enable both in-office and remote teams to collaborate on projects more easily, efficiently, and intelligently. Changing workplace environments to be more collaborative is not a novel concept. However, it is an essential concept that every company should think about. 

As remote work grew increasingly common, 59.7 percent of firms throughout the world became more reliant on technology, particularly collaboration tools. It might be difficult to sort through the vast array of team collaboration solutions available on the market. So, here is a list of the top eight office collaboration apps you may utilize.

Why Collaboration Tools are a Lifesaver at Workplaces?

Some of the benefits of adopting collaboration tools include faster innovation, greater employee performance, higher flexibility, healthier personnel, more efficient remote employees, increased profitability, and cutting-edge technology. 

Teams bring together individuals with varied experiences, and this cooperation makes problem resolution easier and faster. Encouraging open communication about a project’s progress, potential, and obstacles fosters a discourse that leads to speedier solutions. 

Employees who are motivated outperform those who are not. Workplace cooperation makes workers feel more connected to one another and hence more driven to collaborate toward a common objective. Working as a team allows employees to recognize the links between other departments’ joint efforts and how their efforts contribute to a bigger purpose. 

As a result, teamwork increases employee job satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment. Furthermore, collaboration develops a feeling of purpose, which offers employees a compelling incentive to collaborate and accomplish greater outcomes as part of a team.

8 Most Popular Workplace Collaboration Tools


Slack is the core of your team’s cooperation and common understanding. It facilitates online team communication by establishing a standard for online team communication. Slack is used by millions of individuals to bring their teams together and move their businesses ahead.

Slack is most known for its chat platform, but it also features a plethora of connectors and capabilities that might be useful in the corporate world. Direct and team messaging, video conferencing and screen sharing, file sharing, sophisticated search, guest management, announcements, directory, private notes, and more capabilities are available.


If you want to manage teams and projects with a single piece of software, ProofHub is the ideal project management and online collaboration platform for you. 

It combines all of the necessary tools for fostering cooperation and staying on top of your activities. You can quickly divide a project into tasks and smaller subtasks and assign them to members of your team.

ProofHub’s built-in Kanban boards and Gantt charts also make it much easier to simplify projects and remain on track. This collaboration platform includes capabilities such as online proofreading, online conversations, chat, and file sharing.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that allows people of the organization to remain organized and hold conversations using any device. You can use Microsoft Teams to hold real-time conversations with members of your team or visitors from outside your business. You can also make phone calls, have meetings, and share files. 

One may build private teams for sensitive material and an org-wide team for communication with everyone in your organization.

You may also build teams for specific projects and apply the appropriate level of protection based on who should be included, as well as distinct teams for communication with external partners to keep them apart from anything important to your organization.


Quip is one of the more recent entrants into the collaborative software market. Quip’s group chat and direct messaging capabilities make file sharing simple. Quip’s price is competitive, and it promotes creating a “culture of action” among teams. 

It includes functionality like sharing, viewing, and working on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as group chat and 1:1 messaging and integration.

Quip is a single online workplace where everyone you invite may collaborate on document creation and editing. The service also includes capabilities for real-time communication, such as in-app chat. There are several file formats to pick from, including word processing documents, spreadsheets, and slideshow presentations.


GanttPRO is a sophisticated project collaboration tool based on Gantt charts. It provides several opportunities for teams to cooperate on projects. 

To begin, GanttPRO provides sophisticated task management with dozens of variables such as statuses, priorities, assignees, length & estimate, time tracking, deadlines, and many others to keep track of who is working on what.

Furthermore, teams feel at ease here, as if they don’t require anything to collaborate on any project-related information: real-time descriptions, comments, attachments, and alerts perform all of the collaborative jobs. 

Another fantastic feature is resource management, which enables for effective reallocation of overloaded/underloaded resources. The learning curve is rather low, so you and your team may simply give it a shot.


Asana’s online and mobile tools assist you in staying on track, organizing tasks, and meeting deadlines. Track project progress, individual tasks, sprint planning, integration with other tools, and successful launch Asana boards help you visualize project progress as your team moves items from do to done.

Asana’s automation capabilities outperform those of its competitors. Even better, the low cost is adaptable enough to your company model rather than the other way around. Beyond that, if you are unsure whether it is time to spend. No worries, Asana’s free plan is unparalleled.


Trello is a project management solution that divides your projects into boards. Trello informs you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where anything is in the process with a single glance. Consider a whiteboard covered in sticky notes, with each note representing a job for you and your team.

It is a collaborative work management program that tracks team projects, highlights activities in progress, shows who is allocated to them, and details progress toward completion. Trello’s features include customizable project tracking cards, the ability to create and comment through email, automation, a calendar view, a map view, and voting.


Acquire customer service software is a user-friendly, multi-channel customer communication platform. It is appropriate for all sizes of organizations. To provide high-quality assistance to your customers quickly and effectively, the software is packed with the most recent customer interaction alternatives, including live chat, chatbot, cobrowsing, phone calls, and video chat. 

One of the finest features of this customer support software is that it is totally configurable to your company’s requirements.

You may select the applications that best meet your needs and utilize them as you see fit. Acquire also lets you track communication history for improved data management and send proactive messages to consumers based on their location, activity, and other data. You can also switch to video chat for a better customer care experience from within your chat window.


There are several collaboration solutions available on the market today. Online collaboration software is not just for remote employees; it is also a vital tool for any organization looking to become more efficient and successful.

 It enables teams to maximize resources, complete tasks, encourage transparency, and achieve unprecedented teamwork. Companies should select software based on their requirements and discover the finest service for their workforce. Choose solutions that provide outstanding service and a variety of capabilities for team communication. 

Selecting tools with many features can increase your job productivity and allow individuals to use them in a variety of ways. Others choose cloud-based technology because it eliminates the bother of version controls. 

Every piece of information is saved online and accessible from any location. Collaboration tools will always be required. As a result, seek solutions that interact easily with other critical products and are also compatible with a wide range of devices.

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